inside out lines. stitched, sutured, nailed, black lines. red. only red lines will be inside out. tear, break, cut, sew, bind, join, stitch, draw lines, (re)arrange them, (re)sew them. doing this with people and doing with myself. doing this to people, to me. "the (not) so simple task of being. to display the entrails to make sense of the carcass we carry." ____

madalena corrêa mendes is an artist based between venice and lisbon with a multidisciplinary practice focusing on expanding the realm of painting through textile, photography and performance work. she graduated from the university of lisbon with a degree in fine arts in 2017. as part of her studies, madalena completed a semester abroad in the fine arts academy in venice, italy. madalena also holds a post graduation in art market and collection from nova school of social sciences and humanities in lisbon, portugal.

madalena is currently working at the peggy guggenheim collection in venice. prior to that, she has collaborated for both the maat museum in lisbon and the venice art biennale. last year, madalena completed a 6 month residency at ca dei preti in san tomà, venice. madalena corrêa mendes has been included in exhibitions both in portugal and venice, at garance & marion gallery, a.topos, fba-ul, 12x12, tarimba collective, al sole, portalegre tapestry museum and the convent of christ, tomar. she has been featured at the artsiest, gerador and the fita magazin and her work is held in numerous private collections around the world.

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